The Department of Defense has spent countless millions of dollars on marksmanship training programs, improving weapons design, enhancing optics, and creating more reliable ammunition to make the average rifleman a superior marksman capable of sustaining a high rate of fire on the modern day battlefield.

Unfortunately, that is all negated by the simple fact that the rifleman can become combat ineffective after only a couple of mags by the scorching heat produced by their  weapon during sustained firing….until now.  Meet the most effective radiant heat dissipation ever created: nTherm™ Handguards.

Ascendance International has created the next generation of handguards designed specifically for military, law enforcement, and professional shooters. Our patent pending advanced materials technology establishes a platform that no other handguard on the market even comes close to replicating through dramatic heat dissipation which enables shooters to fire the last round exactly like the first round.

Our nTherm™ handguards mitigate most or outright negates nearly all of the radiant heat related attributes of any current handguards and remain comfortable to the touch even as barrel temperatures push to 600 degrees F.  They also enhance critical properties such as strength, toughness, operational durability and abrasion resistance.

nTherm™ handguards promote proper operation of the weapon system improving weapon accuracy, function, reliability, and cooling. nTherm™ allows the weapon to vent and cool in accordance with the manufacturers specifications which vastly improves Operator control and achieves both greater accuracy and firepower at every range and tactical scenario.

Key Characteristics:

Unparalleled Handguard Heat Mitigation

22.5% Lighter than Aluminum Counterparts

Advanced Molecularly Bonded Composite Material

Hard-wearing & Abrasion Resistant

Excellent Dimensional Stability

Compressive & Impact Resistant

Dynamic Performance Under Severe Stress

Comparable Cost for Vastly Enhanced Operator Performance


Key Performance Parameters

  • Weapon Performance: The only 300+ round continuous firing handguard in existence that enables active barrel heat dissipation, ventilation and cooling.
  • Operator Effectiveness: Mitigates heat transfer to user even as barrel temperature pushes 600°F enabling first shot like the last shot performance…greater control equals greater accuracy.
  • Lighten the Load: 5% weight reduction with strong, rugged composite material that has field performance on par or greater than aluminum.
  • No Special Tooling Required: Compatible with the Heckler & Koch 416 platform, nTherm™ has standard mounting fixtures and does not impede normal weapon functions.

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