The Ascendance International Super Frangible Training Projectile (AI SF/TP) uses proprietary materials to form a projectile that provides the best of all worlds for a training round: It goes to dust on steel from as close as six inches with no frag splash, yet flies to 50 meters with ballistic performance on par with its ball counterpart. The 9mm 68 grain bullet is constructed of AI’s frangible molecular technology with 100% lead free materials.

With no compromise of accuracy or consistency, AI SF/TP provides a genuine “Train with what You Carry” shooting experience. Fast or slow, near or far, no matter what combination you’re shooting our frangible rounds deliver quality in a load that will extend the life of your steel and ease the pressure of environmental concerns facing many ranges and shoot houses.


Projectile Information:

Manufacturer: Ascendance
Part Number: AIUVSFP-009.1
Caliber: 9mm

Benefits for the Shooter

  • Operator Safety: The AI SF/TP projectiles have no jacket on the projectile and therefor have no damaging fragmentation from splash from as close as 6” on full auto. Our projectiles will not fragment in 2°.
  • Range & Shooter Friendly: The rounds are comprised of 100% lead free materials. This benefits not only the individual operator, but also compliance with various environmental standards.
  • Life of Targets: These rounds simply do not damage AR500 steel at all. They cause minimal damage to concrete block and will penetrate plywood. There is an immediate Return on Investment for every round fired by prolonging the life of facilities.
  • Ballistic Performance: The AI SF/TP projectiles go to dust on steel and fly to 50m on par with ball counterparts.
  • COTS: Ready today, no changes to the weapon necessary and an increase of barrel life can be expected due to proprietary low friction technology.

Key Performance Parameters

  • Capable @ 50M, 6″ groups @ 25M
  • No projectile jacket means no splash or frag on impact
  • Does not leave barrel residue
  • Reduced chamber pressure
  • Phenomenal training as well as Maritime/CQB/Sensitive Structure projectile with devastating wound channel & no over penetration
  • Dramatic ricochet reduction out from as little as a 15° shooter cone
  • Massive improvement to the lifecycle of your steel and facility

Click here to download the projectile datasheet